We’re an enthusiastic and talented team, driven by a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive software. We also have a wealth of experience treating real patients, giving us the insight required to deliver a practical solution.

We’re also all fully qualified medical doctors. We each have years accrued experience working on the NHS front line, with an intimate knowledge of how a hospital works on the shop floor, a familiarity of where healthcare slows down and a hawk eyed insight into what needs to be done to speed processes up.

We identified a remarkable disconnect between how little insight tech companies have into the real workings of healthcare and how little insight many front line healthcare staff have into the incredible potential of correctly applied technology. We are ideally placed to unite the two worlds, as our interdisciplinary skillset fills that gulf.



Our combined know-how in user experience (UX) design, full stack web development, and frontline healthcare means we bridge the health-tech communication gap. Work gets done quickly and meets your requirements precisely.

Communication is quicker. We’ll develop an in-depth understanding of your organisation and goals before embarking on creating a digital solution, but less has to be explained when you’re working with a tech company that gets healthcare. Less information gets lost in translation and quality work gets done quickly and smoothly.

Effective communication and teamwork are at the centre of every successful project. We’re a close knit team in constant contact. We use cutting edge software to iterate and collaborate on an idea until your aims are achieved.



Our company has humanity at its heart. We share a thirst to make healthcare software more human. User centred design is central to our creations. User experience is key to creating a lasting positive impact.

Whether you need a website for promoting and taking bookings for your cosmetic clinic or private medical practice, or have a great idea for a tech solution to a health problem but you don’t know where to start, we will take the same human-centred approach. Our novel process, involving analysis of your needs and your customer’s psychology.

The way this is done is where our highly qualified team comes in. We will analyse your process, pay attention to your organisation’s requirements and long-term plan and develop truly great solutions that will improve the running of your organisation.